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Veteran Applications

If you, a loved one or a friend served in military uniform from World War II to Vietnam, you are eligible to participate for a FREE trip to Washington D.C. to see the memorials built to honor the sacrifices you made and to the many whom were lost protecting our right to freedom.

Veteran applications are taken in the order they are submitted, the order of war/conflict they served and medical situations such as being terminal. Example: A Vietnam Veteran or later could submit an application and they would be entered into our database, however as Korean, Cold War or World War II applications continue to come in, they will be placed ahead based on their war/conflict time frame. Veterans of Vietnam should consider applying now and getting into our database. 

Old Dominion Honor Flight provides two (2) bus trips each year. One (1) in the spring and one (1) in the fall. We take applications all year long and add our veterans to our waiting list database.

Your application is entered into our database based primarily on the date it was received and then based on the dates you served. Example: If you are a Vietnam veteran submitting your application and we would receive Korea or Cold war era veteran applications, they would go into the system before you based on the timeframe when they served.

If you or your veteran should have health condition that deteriorates and would require a doctors determination of terminal or similar status, please contact our offices immediately to update your status.

We have veterans as well as family members of veterans wanting to verify service dates. These are the official service dates that we use as published by the D.O.D. and other government sources.

Veteran Service Dates
World War II (12/7/1941 – 12/31/1946)

Post World War II (1/1/1947 – 6/26/1950)

The Korean War (6/27/1950 – 1/31/1955)

Cold War (1/31/1955 – 2/27/1961)

Vietnam (2/28/1961 – 5/7/1975)

Guardian Applications


Guardians are individuals who accompany a Veteran on their trip to Washington D.C. for the day. Typically a guardian is a family member (not a spouse) or other loved one or friend. Here you will find the application to be a guardian. If you are a veteran that does not have a guardian, we are able to provide you with a guardian. 

If you have a veteran to whom you will be traveling with that meets the eligibility dates, then use this application and make sure to reference the veteran whom you will be escorting.

THIS IS NOT A “Volunteer to Help” APPLICATION.

Guardians are requested to make a donation of $100.00 to help in covering a portion of their participation in this celebratory trip.

Preparing To Honor Their Sacrifices